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Thanks to Bill The Conqueror, there's a lot of French in English!

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Encore! Encore!

When I was a kid in Lesotho we listened to vinyl records on a gramophone. Someone would place the record, then move the arm and place the needle at the beginning of the record. When the song was over, but we liked it so much that we wanted to hear it again, we would all shout, in unison, "Encore!" And the song would be played again. Little did I know that the word was French. Once I moved to France, I discovered many, many more words in English that are actually French.

  1. Yes, 'cul-de-sac' is French, even though we use it in English. The street we live on is a cul-de-sac. A synonym is "dead-end street" or blind alley.
  2. We also use 'déjà vu' in English. When I broke my arm again, it was déjà vu. And I don't think English has "its own word" to describe the phenomenon.
  3. Don't forget 'en route.' I was en route to Maseru when I stopped in London. The equivalent is "on the way to."
  4. Then there is 'faux-pas', which I don't wanna make here. Donald Trump is the king of the social faux-pas. The English word is "blunder" or slip.
  5. And last... savoir-faire. I admire his sophistication and savoir-faire. Two synonyms are tactfulness or social know-how.

Watch this video for more Franglais, or Englench, before doing the quiz.

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