Study tip II: A few minutes a day

Practice makes perfect

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Block a slot every day for learning

Practise your English a little every day in order to improve. We have spoken in the past about several ways to achieve your goals (even outside the classroom). Put them into practice. use the New Year to make this resolution, this promise to yourself: I will take the time to move my level from here to the highest level it can go. Big resolution. The good news is that you can do it, because I've seen it done more than once.

Enter Streamglish. Click on the image below.

Streamglish. QUOTIDIEN 1 nouvelle vidéo chaque jour  / COURT Vidéos de 2min Exercices de 3min  / EFFICACE Fondé sur la recherche en neurosciences et validé par les enseignants et pédagogues  / PERSONNALISÉ Le service s'adapte à votre niveau d'anglais

You have a free month to try it. For that month, here's what you need to do.

  1. Set aside 30 minutes for English every single day, more time if you can, including Saturday and Sunday.
  2. Use the platform, and 

others, religiously, and do the exercises based on the video. Listen several times if necessary.

  1. Look up the words in a 
  1. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to work on your English. 
  2. Block 30 or 60 minutes in your calendar so that you're sure your time is yours, not your job's.
  3. Set a reminder in your calendar for one day before the free month is finishes
  4. Cancel. Or if you are happy and motivated, continue. It'll cost you about €8/month.

Et voila. If you want to improve, then you must put in the work. "Rome was not built in a day." We also say "There's no free lunch." And it's true. There isn't.

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